Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Sriram homoeo healing and obesity Centre is running by Dr Avashesh gupta Gupta M.D. (hom) and dr pooja gupta B.H.M.S., D.C.D.N for over a decade in Kanpur serving a vast community. We basically work on constitutional homoeopathic system.

  • We are just bound to provide you best homeopathic solution.
  • We provide at least half an hour to consult each patient thoroughly and every minute detail.
  • We take your case personally after reviewing your reports and go through each and every minor detail with history of your disease.
  • As early as possible, we let you know about the prognosis of your disease and the time taken by us to improve you, into the state of health.
  • If patient is under allopathic treatment for psychiatric diseases and hormonal disorders, we gradually reduce the allopathic medicine.
  • We promote homoeopathic treatment in all sort of diseases but it depends upon stage of disease process.

Our Policy

  • We take  only 3 to 4 month to show the result of our medicines.
  • If you are no longer to be continued with us,after prescribed time of treatment and only  on account of no improvement. We will refund 50% of the amount taken by us except consultation and courier charges.
  • refund policy is applicable only for  first time patients.

Note- the time taken by us to cure disease is depend on type and grade of disease.