Disease process

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and spiritual well being, the health state is managed by individual genetics or hereditary factor and environmental factor. these two factors are solely responsible for making the person diseased.  whenever you suffered with any non communicable disease (N.C.D), It  has a particular process of progress in your body. This process is called disease process.

Every non communicable disease (N.C.D) starts with the physiological derangement. It means when disease process set in your body,  it disturbs the normal functioning of your vital body organs, at this stage you start to feel  very trivial symptoms, which may be present constantly or infrequently.  the symptom subside  with or without use of medicine but come repeatedly.(list of symptoms)

These symptoms or sufferings are of much importance, they tells about the diseases which you may suffered in future.

If you have good knowledge of these signs and symptoms, you can easily decide the disease process which is going to occur in your body.

The physiological disturbance which causes signs and symptoms is the part of disease which remain unnoticed for a long time, if you don’t have a clear cut idea of disease process. (note- at the stage of physiological disturbance, when you go for pathological testing-everything will be normal in report because no gross abnormality occur in vital organs, no gross biochemical changes occur in organs)

After an interval of time, the persistence of  physiological disturbance  creates pathological derangement in your vital body organs like liver, kidney, heart e.t.c.

And now the biochemical and structural changes set in your body vital organs– at this stage  your  pathological report will become abnormal and  you say “I am sick now”———- But it is not so, you are sick from a long time but unable to understand the disease process which is running in your body.

This is the process for majority of non communicable  disease and you should be aware of it  —– by understanding this process we can prevent  many life threatening situations like heart failure, kidney failure, liver failure, thyroid disease, ovarian cyst, uterine fibroid and many other hormonal, autoimmune and allergic disorder.

  • If you start constitutional homoeopathic treatment at the level of physiological derangement, it will certainly check the disease process in your body and will cure you.
  • If you start  homoeopathic treatment at pathological derangement certainly it will manage your disease but the cure will depend upon the severity of pathology.


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