Dr. Avashesh Gupta

Dr Avashesh Gupta  M.D.(hom)

Dr Avashesh Gupta   M.D.(hom)




Dr. Avashesh Gupta is a Psychiatrist, Sexologist, and Homeopath in Yashoda Nagar. He is one of the well-known doctors of Kanpur who has earned the reputation of treating chronic and obstinate diseases.

He is Assistant professor at Naiminath Homeopathic Medical College Agra and Chief Consultant at Sriram Homeo Healing and Obesity Center in the Yashoda Nagar area of Kanpur. He prescribed on the basis of most beneficial constitutional  mode of homoeopathic treatment for chronic and obstinate diseases like psychiatric and sexual disorders, Allergic and Autoimmune disorders, Renal disorders. He opted constitutional mode of treatment because it involves a better understanding of diseases and its process of development. 
Homoeopathy is famous for treating the diseases from its root but it’s only possible, when we take the disease progression and its symptoms thoroughly and carefully, that’s why He settles a special center for consulting chronic cases, Here he takes limited appointments in a day, so there will be no hurry in case taking. He hears patiently all about your complain and collect all the information of your disease progression, your behavior at the time of sickness, your body tendency for accepting diseases and reasons of the disease process. He assures that this process will certainly give right homeopathic remedy for all chronic and obtinate diseases. 

His belief

  • It is very essential to make a difference between functional disorder and organic disorder because modern medical system (scientific system) only focuses on sick organ or observable pathology and continuously forgetting suffering of patients. This is inhumane and incorrect scientifically because every disease chronic or acute has its disease process. The observable biochemical changes, structural changes sets after a while, at abnormal functional stage we are not able to catch them through investigation like x-ray, ultrasound, blood pathology, biochemistry etc.
  • Human beings are nature’s creation. The medicines of natural origin are most suited, compatible and beneficial for us.
  •  It will be better to take Homoeopathic medicine for treating the disease from its root  and at the same time Allopathic medicine can be taken for quick management if needed. 
  • For every disease we should take homoeopathy at first, If you are under a good homoeopath don’t be impatient, certainly he will help you
  • Exercise + Balanced diet + Constitutional Homoeopathic medicine are the best healer for all the diseases we have in nature.

His Academic

  • I have completed M.D.(hom)by Sri Sai Nath post graduate institute of Homoeopathy Allahabad running under Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar university Agra.
  • I have completed my B.H.M.S. degree from Pt. Jawaher Lal Nehru Homoeopathic Medical College Kanpur running under Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University of Agra
  • I have done one year course of HEALTH PROMOTION from National Institute of Health and Family Welfare in collaboration withMinistry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India
  • I have also taken clinical experience of 2 years from Ursula Horsman District Hospital of Kanpur in practice of medicine, surgery, orthopedic, skin, dental, ophthalmology, pediatrics, ENT, cardiac and emergency medicine.


Disease process

why constitutional homoeopathy is best