Disease is a word which defines particular abnormal condition of structure or function of body organs. disease is often used to refer any condition that causes pain, dysfunction, difficult social interaction or death of person affected with. Disease may be caused by external source  that is infectious disease and internal source that is non communicable diseases.

Homoeopathy can cure and manage variety of diseases. we divide it in two classes

  1. Infectious disease ( due to infection)
  2. Non infectious disease or non communicable or diseases originated by your body itself like psychiatric disorder, hormonal disorders, autoimmune disorders, allergic disorders and hereditary disorders.

Homoeopathy is quite effective in both category but it is highly recommended for all non infectious diseases.

we have categorized  non communicable diseases to facilitate understanding of disease.

  • Psychiatric and sexual diseases
  • Hormonal problems
  • autoimmune and allergic diseases
  • Organic or systemic diseases
  • Common Old age problem
  • Common children problems
  • Common women problems
  • Life style diseases