Sr homoeopathy

  • SR HOMOEOPATHY has been working for over a decade in Kanpur city, running under the direct administration of Dr Avashesh Gupta M.D.(hom) and Dr Pooja Gupta (B.H.M.S., D.C.D.N.). Through its unique constitutional approach to understand the disease process of patients, we cure thousands of chronic and obstinate problems of patients.
  • Homoeopathy is famous for treating the diseases from its root but it’s only possible when we take the disease and its symptoms thoroughly and carefully, that’s why SR homoeopathy settled a special center for consulting chronic cases. Here we take limited appointments in a day, so there is no hurry in case taking. We hear patiently about your complain and collect all the information of your disease and reasons of the disease process, until we find the right remedy for your disease.
  • SR homoeopathy is very genuine to its work. It tells you about the prognosis of disease and approximate time taken by it to give relief in your disease.
  • SR homoeopathy takes credit for more than 11 years for providing best homoeopathic solution to its patients.
  • SR homoeopathy actively involved in creating awareness and promoting homoeopathy to all over world by publishing articles, brochures and slides of cured cases.
  • SR homoeopathy works hard in chronic and obstinate cases of non- communicable diseases like psoriasis, asthma, allergy, kidney failure, obesity and psychiatric diseases.