to eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art

To eat is a necessity for every individual to get energy, to perform various routine activities and body functions. The variety and amount of food required will depend on person to person taste and energy requirement.

Eating is a necessity, but the amount and menu of your diet according to your liking, dislliking as well as your requirements comes under intelligent eating.

Our eating habits, affects our health. “Food is at the heart of our well being and is at central point to maintain good health either in healthy or in diseased state”.

Diet consideration becomes very important when we fell sick either with infectious or noninfectious diseases.

Many of us are aware of the food we have to eat for healthy life style or in any particular diseased condition. We have charted what is to be included or excluded. But the preparation of daily diet and to maintain the variety of food for easy palatability  according to inclusion and exclusion of food , puzzled  us. We at sr homoeopathy provide the easy way to make nutritious , palatable and cost effective diet. We plan the diet according to following points

  • Energy or calorie needed – calculation of energy you needed.
  • The restricted food according to disease pathology
  • The addition of food
  • Taste - exchange the food according to your taste.
  • Your liking and disliking
  • Variety of foods because no single food has all the nutrients
  • Meal pattern must fulfill family food habits
  • Meal planning should be time and energy saver
  • Economical consideration – we exchange the food with same nutritive value but low in cost.


You can’t lessen air pollution, but at least, keep your system immune to its harmful reactions.

Eating diet rich in antioxidant, minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and fibers, right amount of carbohydrate, protein, fat, will boost our immune system and prevent us, to be sick.