Homoeopathy and psychiatry

Human brain has particular area for all physical part of body (like eyes, vision,  ear, hand, foot, face, liver, kidney, heart etc) and emotional part of human being like fear, anxiety, sympathy, emotion, love, hate, memory, jealousy etc. and all of them are  working synchronously for one task. This synchronicity is maintained by chemical system called neurotransmitters. A particular neurotransmitter with exact amount is released by an area to perform the desired task for e.g. when you have to lift an object , nobody will tell you  how much power have to apply but you perceive the weight only by seeing it and apply the desired power to lift it. This synchronicity of all the organs tells how strongly they are connected to each other. It tells the integrity of human being, the man as a whole. No single internal disease of human being is local; it comes due to the loss of synchronicity of the body organs and it mutually affect the brain homoeostasis and relate the physical disease to brain, this is called somato-psychic diseases. The same is true with psychiatric disease, the synchronicity or homoeostasis of neurochemicals of brain is disturbed, which affects center of various emotional, anxious, fear, delirious, memory, concentration, sleep and also the physical body centers like eye, stomach, heart, G I T tract and produces many psycho-somatic diseases. It shows a psychiatric disease can produce a physical disease and physical disease can produce a psychiatric disease.

Picture showing the part of brain, which handle the emotion, thinking, intellect, memory etc

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Picture showing the part of brain, which control physical parts like eyes, face, mouth, hand, foot etc.



The causes of psychiatric disturbances are various

  • Heredity or genetics or constitution
  • Biology
  • Psychological trauma
  • Social and environmental cause

Homoeopathy works on the basis of establishing homoeostasis in physioilogical function of brain. It  totally based on manifestation(signs and symptoms) of your derange body system either organic or functional. Homoeopathic medicine is more nearest to your body than any other medicinal system because it based on  minute symptom or manifestation of your disease. It can manage and cures almost all psychiatric cases. constitutional homoeopathic system is strongly recommended by me in psychiatric cases.

In those severe cases were strong palliation is needed immediately like psychosis, violent delirium and mania, I would like to say Homoeopathic medicine  should be continued along with Allopathic medicine.