Homoeopathy is science or miracle

Homoeopathy is a science not miracle but when Homoeopathic prescription done with full understanding of both patient (full constitution and body tendencies) and his disease (full history of disease) , it gives result like a miracle.

Homoeopathic drug have energized or poetized drug particle, which acts on your body to boost your reactive power (immune system).

Homoeopathy based on natural science, it is natural to our body and it naturally excites our body to expel the disease process.

I know it is very hard to understand but here I am trying to simplify it; hopefully it will help you to understand the science of homoeopathy.

Very often you hear some person that he uses no drug for cold, coryza and fever. Their body will repel the disease automatically within 3-4 days and they get cured without any medicine

Think for a while, what will be the science behind that?

Yes it is natural science of human being, which automatically expels disease from our body and in scientific term, we can say it is the immune system of our body which expels the disease process automatically without any use of medicine.

so, is there no use of medicine ?

some time due to genetics or many other reasons we have very weak immune system which is not able to expel the disease process or the disease process is strong enough to be removed from the body with the help of immune system alone. Now we need medicine which just enhance the immune system and only to the extent to remove the disease process.

Only Homoeopathic medicines work on the above needed principle, it  enhance the power of immune system only to the extent sufficient to expel the disease process and make us healthy.

Working principle or science of Homoeopathy -

Homoeopathy works on the basis of establishing homoeostasis in body function. Homoeopathic medicine totally based on manifestation(signs and symptoms) of your derange body system either organic or functional. Homoeopathic medicine is more nearest to your body than any other medicinal system because it based on a lot of minute symptom or manifestation of your internal disease

Homoeopathy is able to capture the disease at functional or physiological stage that is much more prior than any investigation which catches the disease when structural or pathological changes comes.

Homoeopathic data is collected by proving and poisoning effect of medicine on humans.

Homoeopathy starts with an observation , it acts and continuously giving results in almost all type of diseases, though the exact scientific process how does it acts? how does it boost the immune system? is still under research.