When to contact a homeopathic doctor

Suppose you are affected with a cough & cold in every change of weather, which may subside automatically within 3-5 days without any medication but if this cough & cold comes again and again with every change of weather or mere intake of cold water or ice creams, then it will not subside automatically. You will have to take the support of medicines to cure it.

Think for a while, why this couth & cold happens again and again? and why it will not subside automatically?

This repeated infection of cold shows that your body has a  tendency to catch a cold or in medical terms, you have the allergy to every change of weather.this is due to a weak immune system of your body. your body’s immune system or resistance power is not sufficient enough to resist infective agent (virus, bacteria..etc). If the problem of the weak immune system runs for a long time, you may acquire the most troublesome diseases like tuberculosis, asthma and other allergic or autoimmune diseases. The probability of getting diseased will become stronger if there is a genetic history.

The repetition of disease symptoms may be the sign of any severe chronic disease running in your body, which shows their indications frequently. We should closely observe all the recurring symptoms and treat it properly.

There are some very common problems which run frequently in your body and you are used to ignoring them …………….

  • Frequent and Easy derangement of abdomen like flatulence (excessive formation of gas), colitis, acidity, diarrhoea etc.
  • Recurrent urinary tract infection (burning during micturition)
  • Recurrent jaundice
  • Recurrent formation of kidney stone
  • Recurrent typhoid fever
  • Recurrent headache (migraine)
  • Recurrent dropsical swelling under eyes, hand or foot
  • Recurrent menstrual abnormality
  • Recurrent swelling and pain in lower abdominal area in women (P I D )
  • Leucorrhoea
  • Recurrent bony or joint pain
  • Recurrent skin disease like eczema, psoriasis, ringworm etc.
  • Recurrent attacks of cough and cold
  • Recurrent allergy like urticaria etc.


These are the primary symptoms of the disease,  the homoeopathic medicines have the ability to correct your body’s weak immune system or resistance power.

Whenever you face any problem which comes frequently, you should contact a homeopathic doctor first and start taking constitutional homoeopathic medicine for that problem, the homoeopathic medicine not only cures the disease but also break the recurring tendency of disease.