why constitutional homoeopathy is best

Constitution is a very common word to everyone, in homoeopathy it is used very commonly but it is easier to use the word than understand it.  I am trying to simplify it ————–

The constitution of your body is the image of your genetic code, it tells about your physical makeup, interests, opinions, behaviors, behavioral orientations, tendency of accepting diseases, interaction and susceptibility with environmental factors of disease and lastly the probability of cure.

In short terms constitutional studies show the probability of diseases you have or have a chance to adopt in future and also about the chances of cure. It tells about the disease tendencies like

  • Tendency towards immunological problems (allergy, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, eczema, psoriasis)
  • Tendency of hormonal diseases (e.g. PCOS, menstrual abnormalities, thyroidal problem, sterility)
  • Tendency towards psychiatric diseases
  • Tendency towards obesity
  • Tendency towards organic diseases (heart failure, angina, kidney failure, liver dysfunction)
  • Tendency towards degenerative disease like (osteoarthritis, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease
  • Tendency of catching cold and cough ( frequent congestion of chest)

How to access constitution

For accessing the constitution we have some questions related to your

  • Thought process
  •  General behavior
  • Behavior during disease
  • Your susceptibility to change of  weather ( heat or cold)
  • Old history of recurrent diseases like cough and cold, headache, jaundice, typhoid, fever, colitis, urinary infection, diarrhea, stone formation).
  • Family history
  • Physical make up of body
  • others

We need your time and support to access constitution of your body therefore we provide at least half an hour to every patient in first sitting.

Why it is best

Homoeopathic study of medicine is best one to access the constitution of an individual, it touches all the external manifestation of genetic code.

Medicine comes on the ground of your constitution and disease symptoms, works on internal mechanism of body or boost the immune system enough to repel all the imbalances of your body.

  • It check the disease process running in your body
  • It   breaks the tendency of your body to adopt diseases
  • It is used as a preventive medicine for your body against a lot of infectious diseases.

That’s why the constitutional system of homoeopathic medicine is best one to treat you.