Fistula in ano

An anal fistula is a small channel that develops between the anal canal and the skin near the anus. the channel linked with anorectal abscess(perianal abscess),  forms in anal gland between external and internal anal sphincter. this abscess is the source of pus or blood discharge, pain and fever.

The end of the fistula  appear as a hole in the skin around the anus.

Common sites of anal fistulae_01perianal_abscess_1

Anal fistulas are usually classed as either:

  • Simple – when there is single fistulous track
  • Complex – when one fistulous track has many other interlinking fistulous tracks.


Common symptom of fistula

  • Skin irritation around the anus  with formation of a fluid filled soft sac near anus
  • A throbbing, constant pain that may be worse when you sit down, move around, have a bowel movement or cough
  • Intermittent or continuous discharge of pus or blood from the opening.

Cause of fistula – how it forms

An anal fistula usually develops after an anal abscess (a collection of pus) bursts, or when an abscess has not been completely treated.

A fistula can also be caused by conditions that affect the intestines, such as inflammatory bowel disease.


Why not to go for surgery

Surgery is the method, we opt to get rid of fistula but there are many risks with surgery,one of which is fistula comes back again and again even with proper antibiotic treatment and repeated surgical process, because there are many interlinking fistulous channels which go inside  and  becomes almost impossible to clean all of  them. In surgical process, it is very common to left small pus cell during cleaning, which again forms abscess inside and new fistulous track between abscess to outside at skin around anus.


Other complication of surgery

  • infection
  • bowel incontinence


Homoeopathy and fistula

Homoeopathic medicine checks pus formation in abscess, which ultimately blocks the fistulous track.

Result will show very quickly with homoeopathic medicine, it reduces pus discharge, irritation, itching and pain.

Homoeoathic medicine strongly recommended for treatment of fistula.





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